Airborne restrictions

It is forbidden to carry in baggage and hand luggage: 

  • Magnetic materials
  • Shock devices 
  • Radioactive substances 
  • Toxic and toxic substances 
  • Compressed and liquefied gases: self-defense spray cans, lighters
  • Flammable substances 
  • Flammable solids 
  • Corrosive, corrosive
  • Explosives and objects stuffed with them 
  • Any substances and liquids of unknown composition that do not have factory packaging and the corresponding technical passport and certificate. 

It is forbidden to carry in hand luggage:  

  • Liquids and gels in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml.
  • Weapons of any type and objects imitating it
  • Piercing and cutting objects
  • Impact-impact guns
  • Tools

If you don’t check in your check-in items that cannot be carried on the plane in your hand luggage, they will be seized.

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