Rules for the transport of animals

When transporting animals you need to have the following set of documents:

  • veterinary passport;
  • health certificate (the certificate is issued by any state veterinary clinic (form No. 1). The document contains information on vaccinations by age. Dogs, cats and domestic ferrets should be vaccinated no later than one year and not earlier than one month before departure.

For questions about import permits for an animal of a given species and breed of animal, check with the consulate of the country of destination. The passenger is allowed at the same time to carry in the cabin no more than two animals in a container with a total weight of not more than 5-8 kg.

If the animal cannot be transported in the cabin, it is transported in the baggage compartment of the aircraft only in closed special strong and comfortable cages or containers. 

Any transport of animals or plants must be agreed in advance with the airline!

Transportation cost

The mass of animals and birds accompanied, including the mass of containers (cages) and food, is not included in the free baggage allowance. The animal is weighed together with the container, the cost of transportation depends on the total weight. Guide dogs are transported free of charge without a cage, provided that such a dog has a collar and a muzzle and is kept on a leash by the owner.

Rules for transporting plants

It is forbidden to import into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in hand luggage and baggage of passengers from foreign countries seeds, planting material and potatoes (seed and food) without a phytosanitary certificate issued by the national plant quarantine and protection service (NPPO) of the country of departure.

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