After the completion of large-scale reconstruction. Taraz International Airport has a developed infrastructure in accordance with international standards. The airport is capable of accepting all types of aircraft.


  • Working hours - around the clock

  • Modern light-signaling system: ILS CAT II, which allows landing aircraft with poor visibility.

  • 15 parking places for aircraft, 6 of none for aircraft of 1-2 classes

  • Coating classification number: PCN 60 / F / B / X / T

  • Runway 3500 × 60

Special equipment

Today Taraz International Airport has all the necessary equipment to provide quality ground handling.

The airport is fully equipped to handle a wide range of aircraft, including the B747F, B777F, A300F, and more. freights, including overall freights.

Fuel and fuel complex

  • The fuel and lubricants base of the airport is one of the largest in the region

  • Fuel and lubricants consumable warehouse in the immediate vicinity of parking lots

  • 0.1 micron filtration

  • Fuel and lubricants laboratory equipped with modern equipment

  • Own railway line

  • Installation of an automatic fire extinguishing system based on fuel and lubricants

  • Leave and receive petroleum products 24 hours

  • 1 railway deadlock with a drain capacity of 16 v / c

  • Fuel and lubricants warehouse with a capacity of more than 9 thousand cubic meters

Passenger terminal

The constructed new passenger terminal with an area of ​​6800 m2 can serve 3 flights simultaneously for departure and arrival (up to 600 passengers per hour). Design capacity - 650 thousand passengers per year. It is designed as comfortable as possible for passengers and is equipped with modern equipment, which significantly reduces maintenance time. There is an area for a restaurant, bars, boutiques, a duty free shop, a zone for children, a pharmacy and a first-aid post, VIP / CIP rooms. A large hall for transit passengers has been specially built.

The terminal building meets all the requirements of building codes and the rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the building is provided with modern technological and inspection equipment, the requirements for illegal entry and the anti-terrorist threat are met. 1 telescopic ladder, 6 check-in counters with the ability to serve 200 passengers per hour, four elevators to serve passengers were installed, including conditions for serving disabled people.

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