Baggage Allowance

The rate of transportation of free baggage - weight, size and number of seats - depends on the direction of the flight and the class of passenger service and is determined by the rules of the airline. Information on baggage transportation rules can be obtained on the airline’s website and at carrier’s ticket sales offices. Information about the free baggage allowance is usually indicated in the corresponding column of the ticket or displayed when booking.

Be sure to check your baggage allowance at your airline. Typically, a business class passenger can take an average of 40 kilograms with them for free, and an economy class passenger - 20 kilograms of baggage. Hand luggage in business class, as a rule, does not exceed 10-15 kilograms, in economy class - 8 kilograms.

Excess baggage is baggage whose weight or number of pieces exceeds the free baggage allowance established by the airline for your class of service. 

After weighing and checking in the presence of excess baggage, the airport employee will indicate the necessary data and send you to the ticket office or to the airline representative for payment. Excess baggage rates are set by the airline that carries out the transportation. After payment, you should receive a receipt of paid baggage, which must be presented to the registration officer, and you will be issued a boarding pass.

Do not forget to find out in advance the conditions of excess baggage transportation at the airline’s office!

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