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Aulie-Ata International Airport JSC was established in 2000
Location Taraz city, South Kazakhstan
Shareholder SCAT Airlines JSC Since 2011, 100% shareholder
Year established airport 1974
Land area 87 hectares
Number of special equipment 67 units
Production warehouses 3900 sq. M. m. (6 warehouses)
Fuel base 9300 cc m. / production capacity - up to 600 t / day
Co-based airfield
Military units of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan
State 243 people

Runway strip

Since 2013, an investment program to modernize the airport on the basis of public-private partnerships has been implemented. The total budget of the investment program is 7 billion 40 million tenge, of which 2.8 billion tenge is private investment.

In 2013, due to the urgent need to improve the technical characteristics of the runway, the shareholders decided to transfer it to the state balance for overhaul and expand the runway and light-signaling equipment. The runway reconstruction was completed in November 2013. Reconstruction cost: 4.6 billion tenge. The parameters of the new runway: 3500m x 60m, PCN = 60 / B / X / T, which is sufficient for receiving and servicing all types of modern aircraft. All airfield lights on the runway and on adjacent taxiways are in-depth, i.e. installed directly in the coating strip for continuous, visual orientation in difficult weather conditions.

In addition, the owner of the airport - SCAT Airlines, at its own expense, completed 100 percent of the work to expand and strengthen the coverage of taxiways, aprons and parking lots. This will allow serving up to eight jet aircraft at the same time, including up to four E-class aircraft (huge Boeing 747, An-124 (Ruslan) and even Airbus 380 airplanes) with a wingspan of more than 70 meters. During the implementation of the investment program, the sole shareholder of SCAT Airlines JSC invested its own funds of 2.8 billion in the development of the airport, at the same time, agreements on opening a credit line with Kazkommertsbank for 800 and 625 million tenge were concluded. This amount also includes construction, special equipment, all modern equipment for fast and high-quality service.


Passenger terminal

Start of construction: May 2013 End of construction: III quarter of 2015. The constructed new passenger terminal with an area of ​​6800 m2 is able to serve 3 flights simultaneously for departure and arrival (up to 600 passengers per hour). Design capacity - 650 thousand passengers per year. It is designed as comfortable as possible for passengers and is equipped with modern equipment, which significantly reduces maintenance time. There is an area for a restaurant, bars, boutiques, a duty free shop, a zone for children, a pharmacy and a first-aid post, VIP / CIP rooms. A large hall for transit passengers has been specially built. The terminal building meets all the requirements of building codes and the rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the building is provided with modern technological and inspection equipment, the requirements for illegal entry and the anti-terrorist threat are met. 1 telescopic ladder, 6 check-in counters with the ability to serve 200 passengers per hour, four elevators to serve passengers were installed, including conditions for serving disabled people. At the moment, the fuel and lubricants complex is being reconstructed, in 2018 it is planned to build a class A cargo terminal and a number of other measures for the development of the airport complex. Today, the Aulie-Ata airport in Taraz serves more than 100 flights per month, of which SCAT Airlines and Air Astana Airlines JSC operate with Taraz-Astana-Taraz flights 7 times a week, Siberia Airlines PJSC S7 Airlines direction Taraz-Moscow-Taraz - 1 time per week, the airline "Qazaq Air" in the direction of Taraz-Almaty-Taraz "with a frequency of 2 times a week. Daily, the airport serves flights with a technical landing in the direction from Tajikistan to the cities of the Russian Federation. Since the summer season of 2017, SCAT Airlines plans to resume regular flights from Taraz to the cities of Siberia: Surgut, Tyumen, Nizhnevartovsk, which makes it possible to connect the regions of Kazakhstan with central and eastern Siberia. Since 2015, the airport has successfully served cargo aircraft B747-400F and A300-600F. The airport is capable of simultaneously handling 3 fully loaded aircraft and more than 20 fully loaded cargo ships daily. Processing more than 300 tons of air cargo per day. The airport is fully equipped to handle a wide range of aircraft, including the B747F, B777F, A300F, and more. freights, including overall freights. Since 2016, within the framework of the program for exporting agricultural and processed products from the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Taraz Airport has begun servicing cargo flights to the UAE, Iran, Aman, etc. The airport is ready for aircraft servicing and loading and unloading at the highest level . At the moment, the airport of Taraz will introduce active work to attract transit freight and passenger air carriers. It is planned to open new routes to Istanbul, Antalya, Urumqi, Aktau, Atyrau. The airport of Taraz can be used as an alternate airport as an alternative to Almaty, Tashkent, Bishkek, Shymkent. We plan to create the first hub in the CIS for the distribution of online purchases with leading online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba in cooperation with Kazpost and Russian Post, the creation of new ways to distribute mail and Internet parcels throughout the CIS.

  1. Entering and approval of the city of Taraz in the register of the international postal exchange of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. Construction and equipment of a warehouse for receiving, storing mail delivered by air;
  3. Opening of regional logistic offices for ground distribution of mail to the regions of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and Europe;
  4. Implementation and development of e-commerce e-commerce system based on the airport of Taraz.

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