Which hotels can I stay in?

The list of hotels is indicated here.

How to get to (from) the airport by public transport and how much does a taxi cost?

Buses run to Taraz Airport on routes 11 and 37; for directions, see here. The fare for a taxi varies from 500 tenge and above, depending on the class of convenience. The list of taxis is here. 

Where can I see the flight schedule?

The schedule of all flights from Taraz Airport can be found on our website in the Flight Schedule section, choosing the direction and date (day) of departure.

What should I do if my ticket contains errors in my last name or first name?

In some cases, up to three errors are included in a ticket. It is recommended that if an error is detected, contact the company or agency where you bought the ticket and correct it as soon as possible.

Where can I get information about visas and other documents for entry into a foreign country?

Consultations regarding the documents required to enter the country of destination, you need to get at the consulate of this country or the airline whose flight you will fly from Taraz.

Can I check in for my flight online?

Online check-in is done on your airline’s website. In the section on-line registration you will find links to airline sites.

What time to arrive at the airport? When does registration begin?

For more information, see Flight Check-In.

What identification document must be presented at check-in?

When flying on the domestic air lines of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a valid identity card or a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan is accepted as an identity document. To register for an international flight, a valid passport is required. 

Can I go to the airport with fluids and drugs?

It is allowed to enter the airport building. But all this must be packaged in a suitcase or bag, which you will then drop in your luggage when checking in for the flight. But it is forbidden to bring any containers (containers, tubes) with liquids more than 100 milliliters into the departure zone. Information on the rules of pre-flight inspection and the list of items allowed for transportation in the cabin and in checked baggage can be found in the section Prohibited items.

How much is excess baggage?

With this question you need to contact the airline operating the flight, since the free baggage allowance and excess baggage rates are set by the airlines. For more details, see Baggage allowance.

What is the procedure for transporting animals and plants?

If you transport animals or plants, then first of all you need to agree on the conditions with the airline. For more information, see Transportation of animals and plants.

What should I do if I didn’t find my luggage upon arrival at the airport, or if things were missing from the luggage and it was damaged?

Claims regarding delays in baggage delivery should be made to the airline carrier, because it is with the airline that the passenger enters into an air transportation agreement at the time of purchase of the ticket. Keep in mind that all liability for baggage transportation lies with the airline.

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