Check-in at the airport

Domestic flight 

To register tickets and baggage for a domestic flight, the passenger must arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before the flight departure. 

International flight

To register tickets and baggage for an international flight, the passenger must arrive at the airport no later than 3 hours before the flight departure.

To go through the registration procedure, you must present a ticket, passport and all transported items. The time allotted for the registration procedure is sufficient for passing pre-flight formalities, paying excess baggage, passing pre-flight screening, customs, border and other procedures, as well as boarding and loading baggage on board the aircraft.

Check-in for domestic and international flights takes place on the ground floor of the airport terminal, in its central part, where there are 4 check-in and baggage check-in desks.

After registering the ticket and baggage, you will receive a boarding pass, ticket, tear-off part of the luggage tag and hand luggage. 

Check-in ends no earlier than 40 minutes before the departure of the flight. You can find out the exact time of registration start and end in advance at the airport information desk or at the airline’s representative office.

A passenger who is late by the time of check-in and baggage or boarding the aircraft may be denied transportation on this flight. Baggage of the registered passenger who did not appear to board the aircraft is subject to removal from the aircraft and mandatory inspection.

You can look up-to-date information on all flights on the Online Scoreboard or in the seasonal Flight Schedule, as well as by calling the airport information service: +7(7262)54-09-41

Check-in online 

Depending on the airline, you can register online 48 hours before your flight and choose your seat on the plane.

If you received your boarding pass by email, print it. If this is not possible, please inform the reception that you are already registered. Your name will already be in the airline’s database, and printing a coupon will only take a few seconds.

Below are the websites of airlines flying from Taraz airport, where you can check in online.

At the airport you will be asked to show your boarding pass, so you need to print it.

Registration on the websites of airlines flying from Taraz airport:

SCAT Airlines

S7 Airlines

All passengers traveling on international flights must go through customs and border controls.

If you do not have goods subject to mandatory written declaration, filling out a customs declaration is not required. If such goods are available, be sure to fill out a written customs declaration. Passengers in the customs control zone are provided with boarding passes.


Before traveling, be sure to check your baggage allowance with your airline. Usually an economy class passenger can take no more than 20 kg of baggage with him for free, and a business class passenger no more than 40 kg. As a rule, the limit for hand luggage in economy class is 8 kg, and for business class it does not exceed 10-15 kg.

Check out our general baggage allowance as well as a list of items that are not allowed.

All passengers traveling on international flights undergo mandatory customs and border controls.


Boarding the flight starts at 40 and ends 10 minutes before departure. Hold the boarding pass in your hands while you are approaching. You may also need a passport, so keep it ready.

The start time of boarding the flight is indicated on the boarding pass, as well as on the ONLINE scoreboard.

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